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There are people on the web that really want what you have. We can help them find you.  

How does Presbury define quality?

For Presbury quality means "Fitness for purpose".

We will understand your goals, evaluate your site, and then work within your budget to apply only those methods that suit the requirements of the project - those methods that are fit for the purpose.

Do I Need SEO Services?

SEO means search engine optimisation, it's about making changes to your website to make sure it has the best chance of being found by the visitors you want.

If you want to be found in search engines by more of the visitors you cater for, Presbury SEO services could help you.

If you want more traffic to your site, Presbury SEO services could help.

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Web Site Security

This specialized security package is designed to protect you, your web site content and brand identity from theft, spam abuse and your copyrighted content.

SEO Presbury understands the security requirements of on line businesses, like yours, and have created a very specialized and high quality security package which secures your on line investment from theft, spam abuse, copyright and brand name theft.

Seeing is believing and the best way to experience the SEO Presbury web site security package in action is to click here for a live example. Try it out for yourself.


Our web site security package includes high quality 128 bit professional page encryption and can be personalized to your requirements.

Protect everything on your web page

  • Prevent others from making unauthorized copies of your web pages

  • While users will still be able to view your web pages and save it to their local disk, the pages are encrypted so that the user will not be able to understand its source code, which will prevent them from using the code on their own pages.
  • Make your pages ineligible to web filters

  • Lately, more and more companies, government organizations and universities have started to implement content filters to deny access to websites that contain certain words. If your website is affected by these filters, your website will not be available to all users. Luckily, if you implement SEO Presbury Web Site Security on your site, these filters will be unable to scan your source code; your web page will be available to everyone.
  • Prevent automated e-mail grabbers from obtaining addresses on your website

  • Some software packages are designed to scan all the pages on a website and extract all the e-mail addresses from it - this is called an e-mail grabber. With this information, spammers are able to get a large number of valid e-mail addresses from any page that is not protected, and these addresses will eventually end up in the hands of a spammer. SEO Presbury Web Site Security can protect the email addresses on your pages by encrypting the HTML so that e-mail grabber programs are unable to understand the source code. The use of SEO Presbury Web Site Security to encrypt your web page, you will stand a great chance to reduce the unsolicited e-mails these addresses receive.
  • Prevent automated downloading programs from getting your whole site

  • Some visitors try to use programs like Teleport or Web Zip to download an entire website, which downloads every single file on every page. This can occupy much of your servers bandwidth, slowing down the other visitors of your site which you will probably not be to happy about. SEO Presbury Web Site Security offers protection by encrypting all of the links on your pages, so automated downloaders will be unable to analyze the deep links your pages contain - this will save your sites bandwidth for the rest of your visitors.

Investment: £15 Per Page.

This package is also available for medium to long term clients that require an unlimited amount of pages protecting at a fixed monthly rate. Please contact us for details.

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Service Levels

At Presbury there is a service level available to match the needs of any organisation serious about their long term internet marketing.

Complete Packages

  • Standard
    Adapted to small and new web sites looking for a basic but never the less, most effective visibility.
  • Advanced
    Perfect for commercial and business related web sites.
  • Premier
    Our complete and highly powerful package adapted to medium to large web sites.
Specialized Packages
  • Link Popularity
    This very rewarding package is designed to not only enhance visibility but also to enable maximum Alexa ratings and link popularity scores.
  • Web Site Security
    This specialized security package is designed to protect you, your web site content and brand identity from theft, spam abuse and your copyrighted content.
Personalised Services
Our standard packages shown above are adapted for most cases, however, if you require a more personalised approach please contact us with your requirements.




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