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How does Presbury define quality?

For Presbury quality means "Fitness for purpose".

We will understand your goals, evaluate your site, and then work within your budget to apply only those methods that suit the requirements of the project - those methods that are fit for the purpose.

Do I Need SEO Services?

SEO means search engine optimisation, it's about making changes to your website to make sure it has the best chance of being found by the visitors you want.

If you want to be found in search engines by more of the visitors you cater for, Presbury SEO services could help you.

If you want more traffic to your site, Presbury SEO services could help.

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Secure Web Page Protection

Welcome to Presbury Search Engine Marketing

It's easy to get into the mindset that you are the one looking for visitors, but really Presbury SEO services work the other way around. By recognising that internet users are actually looking for you, Presbury works to put you in their path.

At Presbury we take the approach that quality in Presbury SEO services can only be achieved by recognising that each site is unique and requires a personal clearly defined approach to search engine and internet marketing.

As such we won't baffle you with jargon, or try to sell services we don't think will help. We, like you, are interested in one thing - getting the right kind of customer to your website - and we do it using methods that are proven to have real results.

Presbury SEO services are an investment

This is because the best results from SEO are rarely achieved overnight.

That's why Presbury won't offer low cost gimmicks, or give promises we know cannot be achieved.

Instead we prefer to focus on methods that over the medium to long term yield tangible results for our clients.

It can work for all websites

No matter how big or small your site, our methods can work to increase the kind of traffic you want.

It can work for all organisations

No matter how big or small your organisation. Once we know your goals our methods can work to help you achieve them.

Presbury SEO services include:

- Page title analysis

- Keyword attractiveness analysis including elimination of penalized websites

- In-depth site and page analysis

- Meta-tags - Title, Description, Keywords, Heading, and Alt Tags, with testing for bugs and broken links

- Building link popularity

- Link analysis vs. competitors

- Search engine and directory submissions by hand

- Monitored search engine rankings

- Full Competition analysis of keywords, links etc..

Service Levels

At Presbury there is a service level available to match the needs of any organisation serious about their long term internet marketing.

Complete Packages

  • Standard
    Adapted to small and new web sites looking for a basic but never the less, most effective visibility.
  • Advanced
    Perfect for commercial and business related web sites.
  • Premier
    Our complete and highly powerful package adapted to medium to large web sites.
Specialized Packages
  • Link Popularity
    This very rewarding package is designed to not only enhance visibility but also to enable maximum Alexa ratings and link popularity scores.
  • Web Site Security
    This specialized security package is designed to protect you, your web site content and brand identity from theft, spam abuse and your copyrighted content.
Personalised Services
Our standard packages shown above are adapted for most cases, however, if you require a more personalised approach please contact us with your requirements.




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